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Bass & Its Importance in Speakers

Although lots of people mention it frequently when talking about music, do people actually know what bass is and most importantly, do you?

bass speakers

Bass is the deepest sound whether it’s a high pitched or low pitched song you will find that the very lowest or deepest part will be sung by the person with the lowest pitched voice.

What is base in a sound system?


Firstly, a subwoofer is the section dedicated to reproducing the lowest pitched section of the music being played by your system.

The first subwoofers were developed over 60 years ago for home stereos and have now been used widely in all types of stereos such as in automobiles and other types of transport, as well as the old walkman and similar music devices.

They really took off when Sensurround was developed in the mid-1970’s which brought films to life where you really seemed to feel the sound rather than hear it.

What makes a bass speaker decent?

If you’re looking for the top rated car speakers for bass then understandably you’re going to have to pay a higher price for the privilege.

To produce real deep base and hear excellent sound quality then the woofer must be made from a light polypropylene and able to produce RMS (Root Mean Square) and Wattage.

It’s also extremely important where you put your speakers in your car to ensure you get the best possible output.

subwoofer position

Factory placements are often the most chosen as they are easier to fit the speakers into rather than having to custom fit them.

However, custom fitted speakers given due care and attention often transmit the best sounds as they are tailor-made to your requirements, and to be honest, knowing that you’ve done it yourself or hired a professional just feels better.

Technically speaking, the most common locations for installing your car speakers and audio systems are in the door area, the dash and also the rear deck area.

These areas are more than suitable for most car owners and are great choices for simple speaker upgrades.