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Electric Cars for The Kids?

I always remember when I had my first electric car and that was 30 years ago.

electric car

It was Christmas day and I remember the very morning…

Seeing it wrapped in the corner of the room and knew straight away what it was.

Fast Forward 30 years and they are hardly recognizable nowadays to how they were back then.

Firstly, they are much safer and made from better quality materials, as well as looking exactly like the larger versions but for kids.

Kids are so lucky…

What benefits do Electric Cars have on Children?

Encourage Awareness & Safety

Although it may not seem it when your kid first sits behind the wheel and drives straight into the wall but from these little accidents in their electric car will help them learn for the future.

Alright, accidents happen but you’d much sooner they become more aware of obstacles and pedestrians as children behind the wheel rather than have to adapt when they’re older.

I know I learned a lot from all those bumps and scrapes as a kid.

Learn How To Take Care of Something Valuable

When they have an item as expensive as an electric car it learns them the value of having something expensive and encourages them, even at such a young age to become more responsible.

I remember when I was young, I was looking both ways before putting my foot down and there was nobody around at all.

What are the best cars available?

The best electric cars for kids can come in all range of sizes and shapes.

Currently, the best or should I say, the most popular are the jeep types as well as the sports cars.


Quite often the jeeps are chosen because there is extra room for your child to relax and manoeuvre or even enjoy with a friend.

Sports Cars

These are very popular choices for both girls and boys and the reasons very obvious, they want to look cool and possibly like mum or dad.

I’m sure they’ve even seen the car chases or films ith cars in and fancied themselves to be that driver, and now they can, although at a leisurely 5mph,

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