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What are Bluetooth Helmets?

Bluetooth helmetEver ridden a motorcycle and wondered how riders communicate with each and simultaneously know what each other are doing?

It’s via their Bluetooth helmets and there’s not a mobile phone in sight.

These fairly new inventions have made motorcycling much safer due to making communication hands-free by eliminating the picking up of a mobile.

The great thing about Bluetooth is that with some of the helmets available to buy, albeit the more expensive ones, they can actually maintain contact and sometimes up to fellow riders up to 1000 yards away.

Take a look at Bluetooth helmets

So how much are Bluetooth Helmets?

The price range generally starts at around the £40 ranging right up to around £250 and sometimes more.

Obviously, all these helmets come with different functionality and features which will change the prices but whichever type you buy you know you’re going to be able to communicate with your biker mates much more safely.

Bluetooth helmets can be compared to mobile phones where they pretty much are used for the same function but come in a wide variety of sizes, quality, brand names, features, colours and styles.

How are they adjusted?

There are lots of settings on and inside the helmet but understandably the important ones and most used are on the outside.

You can have settings such as; volume, multi-rider communication, where you can contact upto 4 bikers at a time and many more features.

Obviously, the exterior settings ensure that your hands have not left the steering for very long and increase the safety aspect several fold.

Often riders were seen reaching into a rear pocket or maybe into a compartment on their bike when they saw a friend which created huge risks to not only the rider, fellow riders whilst also risking the safety of those using cars and buses.  It also enables you to speak to your passenger.