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Got problems with your car losing power or not starting?

Have you had problems during this cold and damp spell with your car losing power?

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite common for cars and other vehicles to have trouble starting during the winter as this can quite often affect the spark plugs.

However, if you’re losing power whilst driving or especially accelerating then this could be a wider range of problems.

Sometimes these problems can be owner related due to the neglect of basic cleaning duties or something more serious that just needs checking out at your garage.

Simple things such as ensuring the exhaust pipe is clear is something that should be checked when the owner decides to first enter the car.  However, sometimes we’re a little too quick just to jump in and drive off.

Another responsibility the owner of the car must do is ensure that there is enough petrol.  I know all too well that lots of people ‘run on fumes’ at times but in the long run it isn’t doing your car any good whatsoever.

If you’re confident that the above checks have been done and you’re still losing power then it’s off to the garage, just to be on the safe side.

Pirate cars have our own garage that can quickly detect the problem for you.

Pirate Cars Garage

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Generally, we’ll test a few things that are very common to losing power such as the spark plugs or faulty air filters.

Quite often the problem lies with the spark plugs and luckily this isn’t normally expensive and we can quickly have you back on the road again with full acceleration.

As mentioned above, it could possibly be from faulty air filters and should this be the problem you may find your car or vehicle misfiring, black smoke coming out of the exhaust or with a visual check you’ll notice that the air filters look dirty.

Please, if you find yourself having problems with your car or vehicle, don’t hesitate to pop in and we’ll take a look.

There has been many accidents that have arose from losing acceleration such as somebody going in to the back of you because you’ve slowed unexpectedly or that losing power has caused you to panic and swerve.

Trust me, it’s cheaper just to pop your vehicle to us to take a look.

Cheers Chris

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