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Getting Towed in Canada

In recent posts, we have been touring ever increasingly popular hot spots from around the world but whilst everything always seems great when on holiday, what would you do if you broke down in Calgary, Canada…?

urban towing ltd

Courtesy of UrbanTowingLtd

What would you do and who would you call if it happened in Calgary?

Well, I had a quick look round (obviously, via Google) where else and found a couple of towing firms should you break down?

In America and in this case North America everything seems so much bigger to people from the U.K and that’s even the same for the tow trucks.

tow trucks

Courtesy of UrbanTowingLtd

Whilst the process is the same where you can be simply hitched to a dolly and then towed by the truck or you can cruise along on a flatbed and let the tow truck driver do the hard work.

But wait…

Let’s hope that if you do break down then it’s something quite simple and affordable like a;

  • Tire change
  • Battery Boost

or maybe you’ve hired a motorcycle and need help.

Basically, the services and processes are just the same as if you were in the U.K.

Why choose Urban Towing Ltd

Urban Towing Ltd is a well established and fully insured company based in Calgary, Canada.  They know that for a tourist or even someone local to Calgary that breaking down is a stressful time.

Once you’ve contacted Urban Towing in Calgary they will assess your situation by the details you have provided and decide which type of vehicle or service you will need dependant on the problem or the size of your vehicle.

Not only is this a very professional service but it’s one where you can relax and continue with your vacation without further trauma.

Calgary’s weather ranges from nice and pleasant summers to extremely cold and snowy winters.

Therefore, if you’re touring Canada during the extreme cold then it’s also advisable to take precautionary supplies in the back should this type of event occur.