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Sat Navs – Garmin, TomTom and the rest…


Who’d of though it, 20 years ago we we’re using maps to navigate around our cities, rural spots and anywhere you were going for the first time.


Now most of us have Satnavs on our dashboard, built into the car and even on our phones…

It’s impossible to get lost, or is it?

SatNavs are used day in day out but if you live in the UK you must surely be wondering, what is the best uk sat nav?

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of brands and all with those little extra gimmicky things but for me there are only two types that you need to concentrate on if you’re looking to buy a decent one.

Garmin & TomTom

Why do I like Garmin?

The userbility of the garmin has always stood it head and shoulders above the competition with its easy to use interface, simple icons which make it very easy to use whilst driving alone.

Garmin also makes finding specific shops and locations simple with its drilled down category section unlike the TomTom.

What’s so good about a TomTom?

TomTom’s were miles behind (literally) a few years ago but have made huge inroads on this market leader in recent years (Garmin).

TomTom are really seeing their mobile investent paying off with their IOS GPS app taking indrive navigation to another level.

You’ll also find that their app does not contain adverts unlike the garmin and what’s not to like about that!


Although, there have been many brands come and go over the years, these two market leaders really have evolved over time and boy have they had to.

At one time this was a huge, rapidly expanding exapnding was flush with rivals but it now seems to have its top few market leaders and the others really do struggle to find a gap to succeed in this competitive market.

The word on the street is, if you’re looking for a sat nav then buy one from one of the big 2.