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New Year, New Roof?

The importance of having a decent roof can pay dividends in just months, never mind years to come.

This particular image is a house from Cheltenham.

Therefore, once the weather improves heading towards spring it’s then the time to look for reliable roofers in Cheltenham to get your house back in shape.

The main benefits are;

  1. Your house will gain price if it has a new roof
  2. Your heating bills will reduce substantially
  3. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  4. Sturdier to apply solar panels too

There are loads more reasons but these are the most important, as well as obviously ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’.


A new roof will add value or at an absolute minimum ensure the price doesn’t fall on the value of your property.

The majority of the time a new roof will add extra money to the saleable value.  This is also down to points 2,3 and 4.

Heating Bills Reduced

We’ve all seen the rooftops when there’s been a covering of snow.

You’ll see roofs with full coverings of snow and some without.

The key being…

You would first believe that a roof without snow would be great.

However, thinking about it… Why has the snow disappeared of one and not another.  Fact is, the reason why the one without snow is clear is that the heat in the house is escaping through the roof.

But don’t alarm yourself just yet.  That doesn’t mean you have to rush out to buy another roof.  Sometimes a little lagging will help keep the warmth inside the home but its well worth getting some advice about your next steps.

Pleasing to the eye

We all want to be the standout home on the street.  It’s always been like that and always will be.  One person cuts their grass, the next day the neighbours are out cutting their grass and scrubbing their block paving, it’s just how British life is!

As mentioned in no.4 the above statement totally refers to keeping up with the Jones’s.


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