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Halogen v LED Headlights?

Converting from halogen car headlights to LED headlights should be a no-brainer, here’s a short guide to help when choosing the best LED light bulbs

There are so many reasons for changing from halogen to LED lights so I thought I’d list a few and convince you to do ‘the big switch’.

Here’s a comparison of the two types of bulb below, which type would you prefer?

LED v Halogen

Quite a difference I’d say…

What’s so good about LED Headlights?

In motorsport LED headlights have been around for quite a while and like most other improvements in this sport, you will generally find them filtered down to the everyday road users.

LED headlights are relatively new, although the bulb has been around for some time as it has been used on tail lights and side lights of performance motorsport cars for quite sometime

The headlights were initially trialed by Audi and their team of elite endurance racers, then onto the supercar (R8) and now finally, we have them on our day to day road cars.

Another good feature of the LED is that they don’t actually burn out so you don’t get the dimmed look when they have been in for a while.

The Halogen has a current pass through it and then the thin filament gives off a bright light which will then degrade and eventually fail.

Whereas, an LED uses a semiconductor which means there is no filament to burn out.

halogen v led lights


I’ve given you some of the reasons to change from halogen to LED but surely the images speak for themselves as there is a clear difference between the two and a noticeable improvement of visibility when using the LED’s.

Have you ever noticed that driving at night can make you tired?

This is also another reason for getting rid of your halogen bulbs.  The tone is light, as you can see by the images of the LED’s is far more natural and represents daylight much closer than the halogen lights which provide a slight glow rather than light.

And Finally…

Did you know that the light from LED’s can travel further than that of the halogen whilst it’s also more accurate too?