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De-Ionised Water – What is it & Uses?

Deionised water

Deionised water is a very important type of water and can be used for a wide range of purposes such as:

  1. In the medical industry (Pharmacuetical)
  2. Aquariums
  3. Cars (Batteries & Radiator)
  4. Fire Extinguishers

and so much more…

So, you may be wondering what is deionised water and what uses does it have for my car?

What is deionised water?

Firstly, deionised water is water that has been reduced to just ‘wet stuff’.

By this I mean that all the minerals are removed from the water via an ion exchange process.  This means that minerals such as: copper, sodium and many more are removed.

Medical Industry

Deionised water is a very important part in the making of dialysis fluid for renal patients as this is used as the base in which to add the key ingredients of: sodium, calcium, magnesium, acetic acid, glucose and potassium.

Having water with no existing mineral traces is important to the end user, which is the patient.


Many aquarium enthusiasts use deionised water for their aquariums due to its superior quality and it massively helps the marine life to fluorish and creates a much healthier environment for your fish.

Automobile Use

If you’re looking to use deionised water for your car then there are a number of areas on your car that rely upon it.

The radiator

This type of water is perfect for using inside the radiator as it prevents mineral build up and reduces limescale problems.

It can also reduce rust issues years down the line.

Car Battery

Using DW water will help to prolong the life of your battery.  Due to the evapouration of the water whilst the battery is in use if you used regular tap water then this type of water would leave a residue of whatever elements were present in the water at the time.

Whereas, using DW water prevents this from happening as it has no mineral content.

Windscreen wash 

Using deionised water with your favourite windscreen wash is a great way of keeping your windscreen smear free.

As has been mentioned countless times above, there will be no residue left behind to mark your window as there is no mineral content.